"Thailand is magical. The first time I set foot in Thailand on my honeymoon, I looked at my husband and said, I could retire here. When I think of relaxation, rejuvenation, spa, yoga, meditation, I think of that time. The water, the beach, the serenity is all there. It was literally the first place I thought of when considering a retreat for my best girlfriends."

  • ​You're a driven, forward-thinking and passionate woman
  • ​You've been hustling so hard on your career/your family/your dreams
  • ​You've already been taking strides to better yourself
  • ​But, somehow you feel like you're in some kind of life "plateau"
  • ​You want to take care of your body and relax your mind
  • ​You want to find your "self", your passion, your happiness...
No time? * No support? * No ideas?
How often are you given the structure and the space to dive deep? Not in a sterile-ass room, not in a quiet-ass bookstore, but in an intimate and welcoming setting away from all the noise (Like THAILAND?!?)
Our thai HEAVEN for the week
Vikasa Yoga Re­treat is a transformational, inspiring, and life-changing experience and one of the most reputable places to learn and practice yoga in Thailand.
We'll enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding mountainside and golden sunsets.
Away from main tourist area, yet close enough to easily make your way there if you want to, this villa offers the perfect balance of serenity and convenience. 
Find your paradise
Our location is majestic and awe- inspiring, and the experience we provide is priceless & life altering. Tucked in the cerulean expanse of the Gulf of Thailand, is an oft-overlooked tropical treasure
..where people openly surrender themselves to the waves of transformation and evolution. 

Surround yourself with boundless, courageous human beings who help to inspire your own evolution. 

Imagine a transformational wave of energy encompassing all of humanity, like a ripple affect with each individual it graces. 
About this trip

Led by Tam Luc and Lenka Wallace this is a Mindset-Centered Retreat! 

RESET your mentality on Ko Samui beaches. Be tucked in the cerulean expanse of the Gulf of Thailand, is an oft-overlooked tropical treasure.

RENEW your inner strength and collaborate with other like-minded women on business, career, life, family and self-love. 

RETREAT with daily meditation, yoga and yoga-inspired exercises. 7 days and 6 nights at Vikasa Yoga with infiniti pools, private chefs, and excursions around the island.  
WHAT's included...
Airport Shuttle
Airport Shuttle To/From Koh Samui (USM) Airport
Room and Board
With Private Bathroom

7 Days/6 Nights
of P A R A D I S E

Daily housekeeping
Fresh Towels
Because this is a Mastermind 
Daily brunch in Life Cafe
Coffee and Juices
Before mid-day
Thailand can get humid!
Daily Dinner in Life Cafe

Sample Itinerary 

  • Morning Yoga To start our day strong
  • Breakfast To give us energy throughout the day
  • Workshop To help us expand our vision
  • ​Adventure Time To grow with new experiences
  • ​​Lunch To widen our cultural savoir faire 
  • Free Time So you can explore 
  • Sunset Yoga To relax our minds after a full day
  • Dinner
you just need to know what your next steps are...
During our stay, we will discover whats working in our lives and businesses and what isn't. Our daily mastermind groups will provide the support of ideas to make personal changes if needed. We are not psychiatrists. We are Superwomen who share similar experiences and love to support our tribe.
There will be a series of daily exercises to help us get outside of our comfort zone, bring new creative energy and grow. We will explore Koh Samui, the night markets, temples, waterfalls and the elephant sanctuary. We will enjoy the best Thai cuisine and experience the local culture. This is exactly what you need to renew your spirit and your mind.
Its Thailand! Every morning we will do Yoga and meditation together. We will take nature walks and have the opportunity to get a Thai massage. A retreat for your mind, body and spirit. Join us this year. 
You need a master plan with the ladder, rope, hooks, harness, water bottle 
and resources to get yo' butt out that ditch!
About Tam luc
As a energetic young International flight attendant, Tam explored the world and determined that she would do something that related to travel and service her whole life.

After later going into real estate, starting her several side businesses, and investments she made some unexpected detours that led me to losing her house, financial ruin, defeat, divorce, homelessness, losing her car, almost losing her son, depression, then light, rejuvenation, hope, love, marriage, travel and now service.

Now, she is giving her heart doing what she loves for women that are working hard to find their way.

Lenka Wallace is a bestselling author, aunt, skin care business owner, business mentor, and teacher whose mission in life is to help women age backwards and thrive financially.

Lenka strongly believes that every woman deserves to be happy, look and feel beautiful, be successful and fulfilled in her career, and enjoy financial freedom. That is why she left her teaching career over 10 years ago to start her coaching business and never looked back. 

She will teach you how to get started and get going today.

Reviews for Reset, Renew, Retreat
"Tam is a force of nature. She pours 110% into the passions and causes that inspire her and in turn inspires others to believe that anything is possible."
- J-Michelle.
"It's so hard to narrow down to a sentence or two, but the retreat was absolutely magical ❤ The week was filled with a wonderful variety of yoga styles which helped me strengthen areas of my current practice, and expanded my knowledge in areas I wasn't in tune with yet. The location of the retreat was breathtaking, and I left with an immense feeling of gratitude.
"I met Tam in 2013 when I first moved here from Michigan, I thought I knew a lot about dating in this community but Tam quickly showed me a lot more to navigate safely and confidently in the dating game. I'm thankful that 4 years later and her advice continues to work and keep me from dating horror stories"
- Golden
The weather in early October was still nice, not too hot, great for hikes and daily trips exploring the island. The scenery was breathtaking. I have never seen ocean this blue.
It was nice to have someone there who already knew the area and could point us to great restaurants, show us how to get to the beach, and recommend the best local convenience store. If you are a foodie you will not want to leave this place.  I absolutely loved this trip and will definitely travel with Tam in the future again!
1. Your passport must be renewed within 6 months of arriving. 2. Travelers' Insurance is mandatory. Whether it's from your credit card company or from a Traveling Insurance website. Be sure to show proof when you arrive. 
You can use World Nomad Insurance online or look around to see the variety of policy options.Note: If you decide to purchase through World Nomad, it is an affiliate link (which means we will get a credit, but at no extra cost to you). 
Any cancellation will result in us keeping your non-refundable deposit of $395. In addition, any cancellation made between: July 15th-August 15th, 2019 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price. Any cancellation made between: August 16th, 2019 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. 
We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full). 
Tam Luc and Lenka Wallace are not therapists, psychologists or doctors. Any of the information shared during the Reset Renew Retreat and in their respective signature courses are not meant to replace medical advice. Please check with your physician if you need to be sure you can attend. 

There are only two spots available 
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